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Desktop wallpapers always come in handy. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous workflow. However, desktop wallpapers sometimes can go far beyond offering colorful eye-candy; sometimes desktop wallpapers include calendars, funny cartoons and logos of favourite tools, services and companies. The latter is particularly true for Apple-fans and Microsoft-haters as well as for Google, Twitter and Firefox-users.

Typography Wallpapers

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot

A growing collection of (not only) typography-related wallpapers in a variety of resolutions — from 320×480 (iPhone) to 1920×1200. Free registration is required to download the wallpapers.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot


Typography Wallpaper Screenshot



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4 responses to “Desktop Wallpapers | Game Wallpapers | Firefox Wallpapres | Twitter Wallpapers | Apple Wallpapers”

  1. blu-ray recorder says :

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  2. marine chain says :

    Your site has been a great inspiration and the knowledge gained has gotten me past the obstacle blocking my way.

  3. AE says :

    very nice wallpapers collection.. thank for share.

  4. Any one says :

    you wallpaper choice are very good. i like ur all wallpapes and as well as your is also cool.

    good work.

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