Nokia Mobiles launched Nokia X6 Stunningly Beautiful

Nokia has introduced several new mobile devices at the Nokia World conference held in Stuttgart, Germany. Judging by its amazing design, Nokia X6 is the highlight of the lot: it will definitely make heads turn, but it’s quite powerful when it comes to features, too.

The 3.2-inch widescreen display is optimised for photos and videos, proving the Nokia X6 is more than just a musical masterpiece. Pack 20 friends onto your homescreen, along with communities such as Facebook and it’s also a fully connected social butterfly.

Nokia X6 Features:

1. 3.2 inch touchscreen
2. 32GB of Storage
3. 35 hours of music playback
4. Slim and Smart (we must say: sexy X6)

Retail price available in EURO: 495



Nokia Mobiles launched Nokia X6 Stunningly Beautiful


46 thoughts on “Nokia Mobiles launched Nokia X6 Stunningly Beautiful

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