At least 21 militants surrender in Swat

RAWALPINDI: Security forces have arrested at least 24 terrorists during the last 24 hours. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), search and clearance operations are continuing in Swat and Malakand.

Security forces conducted operations at Kanatai and Gamsar and two suspects including Muhammad Amin Qari were apprehended.

Security forces conducted search operation at Rema (1.5 km north of Barshaur) and discovered a 15 ft long empty tunnel inside the house of Akbar Zada.

Fourteen individuals voluntary surrendered to security forces at Bar Shaur along with two SMGs. Seven terrorists surrendered to security forces at Devolai, Salhand and Shah Dheri.

Security forces also conducted search operation at Kanju and apprehended a suicide bomber. -Online


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