Irsa forecasts up to 35pc water shortage

ISLAMABAD: The technical committee of the Indus River System Authority (Irsa) has forecasted a 30 to 35 per cent water shortage in the upcoming Rabi season and urged the government to take the issue of water blockage with India on priority basis.

Chief Engineer Irsa Aurangzaib Khattak chaired the committee meeting held here on Friday which was also attended by representatives of all four provinces and representatives of the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda).

During the meeting, it was said that Sindh and Punjab would have to bear the burden of the water shortage in the upcoming Rabi season. The decisions made in the meeting would be endorsed by the advisory committee of Irsa scheduled to meet on October 1. The Irsa advisory committee meeting would also determine the water share of provinces.

The meeting was informed that 34.5MAF water would be needed in the upcoming Rabi season but the country would only have 21MAF of water. The water would reportedly be distributed among provinces under 1991 accord.

Sindh has slashed its water demand by 25,000 cusecs and now it would get 75,000 cusecs of water instead of 100,000 cusecs.

The Wapda authorities said that India had not only installed pumps at Chenab River but also allowed generation of electricity by violating the Indus River accord and Pakistan had to face 35 per cent water shortages in the last two years.

Sources said that the Irsa members demanded of the government to immediately take up the water issue with India.—Online


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