Kashmir issue vital for peace in SAsia: Zardari

NEW YORK: President Asif Ali Zardari Friday said Pakistan struggled hard for the democracy in Pakistan and the real challenge in the country is to perpetuate it.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, he said Pakistan hosted over 2.5 millions of Afghanis and Pakistan wants their safe return to their homeland.

He urged on the resolution of Kashmir, as it is the key to peace in the region, adding Pakistan wants peaceful relations with India.

He said the only way forward with India is the dialogue, saying Pakistan hails the resumption of dialogue with India and Pakistan wants friendly relations with its neighbour.

Today’s Pakistan is the country of democracy and peace.

The people of Pakistan saw the democracy evolved in Pakistan and they worked really very hard for it, he said adding Pakistan is ready to make the world worth living.

Pakistan also on the occasion, supported the non-proliferation of the nuclear arms; however, it should be implemented indiscriminately.


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