Lawyer’s ‘shoe gesture’ to Nasira

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Bar Association president Justice Nasira Iqbal (retired) had to face an embarrassing situation when a female bar member waved a shoe to her during the proceedings of a bar’s general house meeting on Wednesday.

The general house meeting was convened by Ms Iqbal to carry a resolution moved by a senior bar member, Barrister Zafarullah Khan, against Kerry-Lugar Bill.

The ugly incident occurred when Barrister Zafar was presenting his resolution before the house, while Ms Iqbal was sitting on the stage along with bar secretary Muqtadir Akhter Shabbir and finance secretary Rai Nawaz Kharal.

Suddenly, advocate Sumaira Cheema, a supporter of Munawar Iqbal Gondal, the vice-president and self-proclaimed president of the bar, sitting on right side of the stage, stood up, put off her shoe and started waving it to Nasira Iqbal while shouting, ‘Madam this is for you.’

However, Nasira Iqbal and other bar representatives remained silent and did not respond to the lady.

Ms Cheema was of the view that Nasira Iqbal was not a legitimate president of the bar and she could not conduct the house meeting.

The case about the dispute over bar president’s slot is pending with the Pakistan Bar Council which is scheduled to announce its verdict on Oct 3.


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