150 gangs of drug, human smugglers unearthed

ISLAMABAD: An intelligence agency has unearthed more than 150 gangs of drug smugglers and human traffickers and warned the government of a looming diplomatic embarrassment over the issue.

According to sources, the agency suggested that law-enforcement personnel posted along the Iranian border should be transferred periodically because postings for long durations provided them an opportunity to develop links with human traffickers and their agents.

Expressing concern over human and drug smuggling to Iran, the agency warned the prime minister and relevant authorities that relations with Iran might be affected if the menace was not eradicated.

It said Iranian authorities were disturbed over a rise in human and drug trafficking from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It said human smuggling from Afghanistan to Pakistan was also continuing. The routes of Chaman, Nushki, Rabat, Chagai, Gulistan, Mand Ballu, Turbat and Punjgur and Taftan were being used by the gangs to take people to Iran for onward journey to Europe, it said.

The report said that the number of illegal Pakistani immigrants deported by Iran had increased and more than 1,100 people had been deported during the current year. Most of the illegal immigrants belonged to Gujranwala division.

A list compiled by the agency contains the names and details of more than 150 agents involved in drug smuggling and human trafficking to Iran.

Of them nearly 30 were listed as drug smugglers from Balochistan, while most of the human traffickers were from the Gujranwala division.

The list also contained names of four Iranian nationals involved in human trafficking.

The agency has sought government’s support to launch a crackdown on the drug and human smugglers, many of whom are said to have support in government circles.


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