Quetta Shurra has lost its existence: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has elucidated that the ‘Quetta Shurra’ has lost its existence, as a number of its activists have already been killed or are active in Afghanistan.

During an Interview with the Los Angles Times, he stated that Pakistan and its security forces are in desperate need of further assistance and support to root out terrorism.

Qureshi also said that the security forces and secret agencies of Pakistan were in complete understanding with the political leadership of the country. The foreign minister said that the American leadership should decided explicitly whether they consider the ISI as a friend or foe.

Responding to a query regarding, military operation in Waziristan, he stated that the main reason for the delay in a full fledge operation against militants in Waziristan has been that Pakistan lacks resources.

Replying to another question regarding Pak-India bilateral relations after the Mumbai attacks, he stated that both neighbouring countries have acknowledged that the issue could only be addressed through dialogue and the negotiation process.

‘India should explicitly define its interests in Afghanistan, as there has not been any common border between India and Afghanistan and there have not been any queues of Indians to visit Kabul, then why is India taking such a keen interest in its political and economic relations with Afghanistan,’ Qureshi said. -Online


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