CNG stations to go on strike on gas load shedding

KARACHI: The CNG Association Chairman Ghayas Pracha Saturday threatened the government of countrywide strike over hike in gas prices and plans of gas load shedding.

Talking to Geo News here, he said Petroleum Ministry sent to Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) the proposal regarding raise in gas tariffs at the commencement of winter season and starting load shedding of the gas being provided to CNG stations.

Pracha said if the federal government decides to implement this proposal, then 3000 CNG stations countrywide would go on strike, adding at least 3 million vehicles run on CNG in the country.

He said the government has been suggested to increase the gas prices to Rs87/kg; if the gas tariffs are increased in accordance with the said suggestion, then all gas-run vehicles would return to petrol and this would trouble government in importing petrol, keeping it and supplying it.

Ghayas Pracha warned that CNG stations would be shut down with 90 percent of gas load shedding.


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