Dasti indicates recalling captain and PCB chief

ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Assembly standing committee for sports Jamshed Dasti said that this impression is quite wrong that he did not know cricket as he has played this game.

He said that he did not commit any crime by calling captain Younis Khan.

Dasti said that the standing committee has been tried to be disgraced but he would not take pressure from anybody and he would be calling again the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman and the captain to appear before the standing committee.

Talking with media here at the Sindh Sports Board on Tuesday, he indicated that the captain and the PCB chairman may be summoned again.

He said that there is grouping in the PCB and most of the sports federations including the cricket board have been possessed by mafia and we have to take rid off it.

Dasti said that the President has authorized him fully to clean up sports from politics.

He said that an amount of ten billion rupees was embezzled during the tenure of Nasim Ashraf.

Regarding the PCB and team management, Dasti said that eyes of Intikhab Alam have become weak so how can he scrrutinise the performance of a player.

However, Jamshed Dasti could not give any satisfactory answer to the question that why not the standing committee call the president of the golf federation, who is the Chief of the Army Staff or president of the squash federation, who is the Air Chief Marshal.


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