Fastest athlete Bolt bowls Gayle out in celebrity cricket match

KINGSTON: Chris Gayle is widely known for smashing sixes off bowlers of any type but this aggressive batsman became victim of a player who has no relation with cricket.

However, he is not an ordinary person but the fastest athlete of the world Usain Bolt who knocked off the wicket of Gayle.

Both players’ birth place is Jamaica and their common value is their aggression.

When Gayle stays at the wicket, bowlers find themselves in great trouble and in presence of Bolt, other athletes are seen far behind him.

However, the scene became very interesting when two danger men from the same area faced each other in the field.

In an exhibition match, played in Jamaica, Bolt took the bowl and Gayle held the bat.
Gayle began in his aggressive style against Bolt but the game reversed soon when Bolt clean bowled Gayle and showed that he is not only a great athlete but knows the art of bowling very well.

Bolt said: “I have been watching Gayle batting for many years and got idea where to pitch the ball and where not to pitch against him so this is how I succeeded in achieving my target. After all, I came here with full preparation”.


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