Less funds released for uplift projects than budgeted

ISLAMABAD: The government released less funds for development projects in the first quarter (July-Sept) of the current financial year than earmarked in the budget.

This was stated at a meeting held on Monday with Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali in the chair to review progress on the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

It was observed that the government should release in a quarter at least 20 per cent of the amount allocated for the year.

The meeting was informed that only Rs2.8 billion was released for the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, although its quarterly allocation is Rs6.1 billion and annual allocation Rs19.5 billion for 40 projects.

Documents for the PSDP show an allocation of Rs4.55 billion for Chashma nuclear power projects (C-3 and C-4), but in the budget document prepared by the ministry of finance it is Rs6.55 billion.

It was noted with concern that only Rs2.8 billion was released for water projects against a quarterly allocation of Rs17.85 billion and annual allocation of Rs47.255 billion for 85 projects.

The ministry of water and power has demanded additional funds of Rs6 billion for timely completion of Mirani, Sabakzai, Satpara, Naigaj and Gomal Zam dams and Greater Thal Canal.

The government released Rs48.5 million for the ministry of information technology against its quarterly allocation of Rs430.4 million.



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