Two female students killed in Islamic University suicide blasts

ISLAMABAD: Two female students have been killed and several others injured in twin suicide blasts in new campus of Islamic University Islamabad.

The first suicide explosion happened in a cafeteria near girls hostel whereas another occurred in Sharia block few minutes later. According to SSP Tahir Alam, both were suicide blasts.

Talking to Geo News, a student of Islamic University said it was an intense explosion that damaged the building severely. Thirteen injured including 11 female students and two men have been shifted to PIMS hospital where four have bee reported in a critical condition.

According to Executive Director of PIMS Hospital, the injured students identified as Samra, Najma Idrees, Nadia, Ayesha Ambreen and Asma whereas the male student identified as Muhammad Idrees.

One suspect has been arrested near the campus. Police and law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the blast site.

2 thoughts on “Two female students killed in Islamic University suicide blasts

  1. oh thts really shocking…..well thay cant b muslim am sure,those bloody Taliban they claim to devastate that uni……God wil damn them to angry and grieved

  2. more then 5 students have been killed because of the security laaps..and its all due the negligence of the week adminmistaration of islamic university of islamabad….

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