90 killed, 600 injured in Baghdad twin suicide attacks

BAGHDAD: At least 90 people were killed and more than 600 wounded in twin suicide attacks, one a truck bomb and the other a car bomb, in central Baghdad on Sunday.

The two blasts shook buildings and smoke billowed from the area in central Baghdad near the Tigris River. The first blast targeted the justice ministry and the second, minutes later, was aimed at the provincial government building, police said.

The blasts were so powerful that buildings around the area were shaken and being severely damaged while several cars were destroyed.

Several people died on the spot in these blasts and more deaths are feared as many persons are seriously injured.

Today’s suicide attack was bloodiest attack in the capital for two months.

Earlier on August 19, some 100 people were killed in a suicide truck bomb explosion while the electricity system was also severely damaged.


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