US stands by Pakistan in terror fight, says Clinton

ISLAMABAD: The United States will stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan in its fight against ‘brutal extremist groups’, visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday after a massive bomb blast.

‘This is a critical moment and the United States seeks to turn the page to a new partnership, with not only the government but the people of a democratic Pakistan,’ Clinton said.

‘We hope to build a strong relation based on mutual respect and mutual shared responsibility,’ she added.

A bomb attack killed at least 86 people in Peshawar on Wednesday, underscoring the scale of the threat in the country that the United States has put at the heart of the fight against Al-Qaeda.

‘Pakistan is in the midst of an ongoing struggle against tenacious and brutal extremist groups who kill innocent people and terrorise communities,’ Clinton told a news conference following what she called a ‘barrage’ of recent attacks.

‘This is our struggle as well and we commend the Pakistan military for their courageous fight and… (we) stand should to shoulder with the Pakistan people in our fight for peace and security,’ she said.

‘We will give you the help that you need,’ the top US diplomat added.

Clinton unveiled what she called the ‘first phase of a signatory energy programme for Pakistan’ to help repair facilities and promote efficiency in the country where millions suffer from poor electricity supply.


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