US, Pakistan deny negotiations on nuke security

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strongly dismissed ‘The New Yorker’ magazine’s article over the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

The foreign office termed the assertions made in the article utterly misleading and totally baseless.

Expressing strong disapproval, the spokesman Abdul Basit alleged that the author of the article was biased against Pakistan.

The spokesman said the article quoted unverifiable sources and it was aimed at tarnishing the image of Pakistan. The Spokesman emphasised that Pakistan’s strategic assets were completely safe and secure.

Islamabad has always stood by the assertion that the indigenous multi-layered controls were as foolproof and effective as in any other nuclear weapons state.

Abdul Basit reiterates that Islamabad does not require and will not allow any foreign assistance in making the nuclear assets secure.

US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson has also termed the allegations about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal as completely false.

She says the United States has not been negotiating any understandings with the Pakistani military over the nuclear issue.

In a statement, Patterson said Washington has no intention to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons or material.

She said Pakistan is a key ally in the common effort to fight extremists and foster regional security.

Patterson vowed to cooperate on a wide range of security assistance initiatives, including significant efforts focused on strengthening counter insurgency capacities.


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