City Council demands KESC Al-Buraj names be put on ECL

KARACHI: The worsening sugar crisis in Karachi echoed in the City Council here on Wednesday and members demanded to tell public who is being benefited by granting huge subsidy by the state on sugar from taxpayers’ money.

The session of City Council, CDGK was held with Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil in chair here on Wednesday. Asif Siddiqui said despite of government announcement the sugar is not being sold on Rs40 per kg. He said the smuggling of sugar is going on while the government is claiming that billions of rupees were being given as subsidy on sugar.

He asked who is being benefited from this subsidy because common man is still deprived of sugar.

Taking part in debate, Meher-u-Nisa said two bonuses were approved for the staff who worked during budget session in Council Secretariat and Naib Nazim Secretariat; however, no payment was made to the staff.

Abdul Majeed said freezing Union councils’ funds before Eid-ul-Azha could be a conspiracy against the system. He said the banks were sent letters for freezing accounts of union councils. He also presented a copy of such letter. He asked that the name of Al-Buraj administration of KESC should be put on exit control list, unless the KESC clears its position of load shedding. He said KESC is carrying out load-shedding even in winter to maximize its profits.

Imran Baghpati said the work of collecting offal might be disturbed due to halting of funds. He said cut in funds of local government would cause major problems. He said no letter was sent to any bank by the local governments for freezing UC accounts.

Jumman Darwan said the encroachers should be removed on the grabbed land of Gutter Baghicha so that law and order situation could be saved from further deterioration in the area. He said conspiracies are being hatching for creating ethnical riots.

Masood Mehmood said officers colony named Owais Qarni Society was established in Baldia Uzma in Gutter Baghicha, adding, former Local Bodies Minister and Present Speaker Sindh Assembly gave leasing documents.

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