Provinces to get more than 50% share in NFC: Tarin

KARACHI: The members of National Finance Commission (NFC) Wednesday considered vertical aspects of resource distribution concluding that provinces would get more than 50 percent of resources, however absolute figures are expected to be announced on Thursday.

During a press briefing after the NFC meeting at a local hotel here, Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin assured that federal government would cut its expenditure in order to provide more resources to the provinces.

The Finance Minister was of the view that the issue needs a new direction. This time, he said, complete visible shift would be observed, as resources would go from federation to provinces.

He informed that representatives of all provinces have given their viewpoints in this regard and they would further consult with the Chief Ministers of their respective provinces before reaching the final decision.

Tarin maintained that government’s priority is to facilitate people. “We want to empower provinces, because people live there,” he said adding all provinces would get their constitutional rights in the NFC award.

He mentioned that federal government is dependent upon the provinces for revenue generation. He said the coming NFC Award will be a historic decision, he added.

“The issue has not been resolved properly for 19 years, but this time all provinces are showing flexibility and a democratic decision will be taken which will stay for five years,” the Minister remarked.

He further said that President alone had taken the decision in previous government, but this time all the provinces are on board.

“It would not be the failure if the dialogue extends,” he said.

To a question, Punjab Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira said that the province was ready to discuss different criteria for resource distribution.

The members will discussed horizontal aspects of resource distribution on Thursday.

Sindh Chief and Finance Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Finance Minister NWFP Muhammad Hummayun Khan, Balochistan Finance Minister Muhammad Asim Kurd and other representatives of provincial and federal governments were also present.


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