Six policemen killed, 14 wounded in Dagestan

MOSCOW: A booby-trapped car rammed into a police vehicle Wednesday and exploded, killing six policemen and wounding 14 in the restive Russian republic of Dagestan, Interfax news agency quoted an official as saying.

Earlier reports said four policemen died in the blast in the North Caucasus region. The spokesman for Dagestan’s emergency medical centre said the toll could mount.

The 8:00 am explosion occurred in front of the traffic police headquarters in Makhachkala, the Dagestan capital, a police official told Interfax.

The police car blocked the booby-trapped car as it tried to enter the gate, the official said, adding that the police officers “at the cost of their lives prevented a terrorist attack with an even greater number of victims.”

Investigators are examining the scene of the explosion.

Concerns have mounted over increased militant attacks throughout Russia’s Caucasus region, where militants have been battling pro-Kremlin local authorities and Russian security forces in a sporadic insurgency.


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