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RAMADI: Co-ordinated bombings early Thursday shattered the homes of four police officers in the western Iraqi town of Heet, killing seven people including the town’s anti-terror chief, an official said.

Six people were wounded in the blasts.

Attackers planted explosives around the bedrooms of the policemen in the town, 60 kilometres (35 miles) west of the Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi, said Lieutenant Colonel Fadhil Nimrawi, the head of the town’s emergency response unit.

“At 3:00 am, men planted bombs around the bedrooms of four houses belonging to members of the police force, including Major Walid al-Heeti, the head of Heet’s anti-terror department,” he said.

“The bombs killed seven people, including the anti-terror chief, and wounded six others, including women and children from the four families.”

The dead also included Heeti’s wife and mother, a child, and three other police officers, Nimrawi said.

The four houses were in different neighbourhoods across the centre of Heet, and no vehicles are being allowed in or out of the town as part of ramped up security.

Nimrawi added that several people had been arrested in connection with the attack, but declined to specify how many.

Heeti was one of the leaders of a campaign against Al-Qaeda in mostly Sunni Anbar which helped dramatically reduce the terror network’s presence in the province, Iraq’s biggest.

Thursday’s attacks come a month after the head of Salaheddin province’s anti-terror squad and at least three of his bodyguards were among five people killed by a suicide bomber in Tikrit, the predominantly Sunni hometown of executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.


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