Eight militants, one soldier killed in South Waziristan

PESHAWAR: Eight militants have been killed while one soldier lost his life during operations in South Waziristan on Monday. Security forces have also arrested six suspected militants in Swat.

According to ISPR, security forces have cleared the area around Katori Sar including Jangwam where eight militants were killed during an encounter.

Militants fired with small arms on a check post at Pash Zairat, killing one soldier and wounding three others.

Forces carried out a search and clearance operation at Shiekh Yousaf Adda and apprehended two suspected terrorists and three IEDs have been diffused in Kund area.

Security forces also conducted search operations in Sar near Tilligram, Gishar, Jaikot, Devolai, Aboha near Barikot and apprehended six suspected terrorists.

Four militants also voluntarily surrendered themselves to security forces at Khawazakhela and Shalhand near Derai.

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