Haris Steel Mills co-accused to pay Rs 1.5 bn

ISLAMABAD: Co-accused Sheikh Yaqoob in the Haris Steel Mills case will be paying 1.5 billion rupees to the National Accountability Authority, DawnNews reported.

A three-member bench of Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was hearing the Haris Steel Mills case on Monday. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) informed the court that assets of Sheikh Afzal, owner of Haris Steel Mills and brother of Sheikh Yaqoob, in Dubai and Malaysia had been frozen whereas ex-president of Punjab Bank Hamesh Khan had been arrested in the United States and arrangements were underway to bring him back to Pakistan.

Sheikh Yaqoob’s counsel informed the court that his client was ready to pay 1.5 billion rupees to the National Accountability Authority.

The Chief Justice directed the NAB and Bank of Punjab authorities to recover the amount agreed upon by Sheikh Yaqoob and considered releasing his two sons within seven days.

Deputy prosecutor NAB told the court that another co-accused Seth Nisar had absconded.

Here, the Chief Justice said anyone who has looted the national wealth should not think they can get away with it and said the money should be brought back from abroad.

The court also ordered legal action against Chief Commissioner Islamabad Fazeel Asghar for providing help to Sheikh Afzal in fleeing from the country.

The chief justice then adjourned the case till February 15. — DawnNews

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