Three dead in train collision in fog-bound northern India

AGRA: Three people died and 14 were injured when two express trains collided in thick fog in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh Saturday, a senior railway official said.

The accident happened near Tundla, 25 kilometres from the Taj Mahal town of Agra, when the driver of one of the trains apparently did not react to a signal, slamming his train into another on the same track.

“According to preliminary information, there are three deaths,” Devesh Mishra, divisional railway manager at Agra told AFP.

Television footage showed two carriages of the Shram Shakti Express, travelling from New Delhi to the industrial hub of Kanpur, badly mangled after the collision.

Another Uttar Pradesh administration official L. Ravi Kumar said: “Two of the 14 injured are in a serious condition.”

Saturday’s accident comes a fortnight after 10 people were killed in similar train accidents in Uttar Pradesh.

Dense fog in northern India over the past two weeks has caused chaos on the transport network, with delays or cancellations of trains and flights common place.

A railway control-room official said nine trains originating in New Delhi were cancelled Saturday while about two dozen trains were running late.

A spokesman for the New Delhi airport said low visibility had caused “the disruption of schedules of 25 flights, both domestic and international” on Saturday morning.


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