Dr AQ Khan willing to contribute towards education

RAWALPINDI: Nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that in the future no judge will give a decision against the national interests.

Dr. Qadeer was addressing a gathering of lawyers in Rawalpindi Bar where he said that he can still contribute to the betterment of the education sector in Pakistan.

He also lambasted non-technical persons looking after the electricity problem in the country and said that he can give suggestions on the issue.

On recent statements by an Indian general, he said they can only give statements as Pakistan is a step ahead in nuclear technology since it made the bomb 15 years before India.

He also requested the lawyers to respect their profession and avoid attacking the police or media, as it gives the profession a bad name.

Dr. Qadeer also lauded the role of the media and lawyers community in their struggle against dictatorship and he said that the masses have the real power and they can change the destiny of the nation.


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