Kashmir militants kill two Indian soldiers

SRINAGAR: Militants killed two Indian army soldiers during a mountain gun battle in revolt-hit Kashmir, the military said Friday, in the latest of a series of clashes this month.

The fighting erupted late Thursday in the mountains of southern Kishtwar district, army spokesman Biplab Nath told AFP.

Troops have launched an intensive search to “arrest or eliminate” the militants, he said.

“Reinforcements have been rushed to the area,” he added.

The attack came hours after suspected militants shot and wounded Ismail Lone, a senior official of the Communist Party of India in southern Kulgam district, a police spokesman said. Lone’s nephew was also hurt in the shootout.

Militants often attack pro-India politicians and their workers in Muslim-majority Kashmir where separatists have waged a two-decade revolt against New Delhi’s rule.

Kashmir had been relatively stable in recent months but violence has spiked in the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, Indian commandos stormed a hotel in Kashmir’s main city Srinagar and killed two militants who had been holed up in the guesthouse for nearly 24 hours. A civilian and a policeman also died in the siege.

Attacks and clashes have continued since the siege.

The insurgency has claimed more than 47,000 lives, according to an official count.


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