President should go to court despite immunity, insists Sharif

PESHAWAR: PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that despite the immunity under article 248 of the constitution, the president should go to the court and clear his position.

‘Rule of law should be respected and justice should prevail,’ said Sharif, while briefing journalists at Jhagra house in Peshawar.

He said that the NRO was a ‘gift’ by the former dictators, but it is now the responsibility of the incumbent government to implement the Supreme Court verdict in its true spirit.

Raising a revolutionary team is the need of hour that can save the country, he said.

Mian Nawaz Sharif ruled out the formation of a national government and said that the constitution has no such provision.

In response to a question, he criticised the government for delaying matters like abolishing the 17th amendment and implementation of the Charter of Democracy inordinately.

Furthermore, he said that the present rulers have been issuing statements against drone attacks, but at the same time they allow the US to target the territory of Pakistan.

Sharif said that the US has been talking about having a dialogue with the Taliban, while this step should have been taken by Pakistan much before.

Earlier, he presided over a meeting of the 40-member organising committee of his party and said that he would visit all the divisional headquarters to reorganise his party in the NWFP. –DawnNews

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