Bilour admits Blackwater presence in NWFP

PESHAWAR: NWFP Senior Minister Bashir Bilour admitted on Saturday that the US private security company Blackwater is present in Pakistan and is operating in the NWFP as well as other areas.

Bilour said that Blackwater was engaged in guarding US consulate staff and foreign NGO workers. He said that Pakistan was in a state of war and needed all the help it could get.

Repeating ANP’s words, Bilour said his party and the people of the NWFP would never surrender before terrorists. He also condemned drone strikes in the tribal areas, claiming they were a blatant violation of the country’s sovereignty.

Bilour was speaking with the family members of the victims of the bombing in lower Dir in which four children, one Pakistani security officer and three US army trainers were killed.

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