‘US should do more given Pakistan’s anti-terror efforts’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said that the support and assistance pledged to Pakistan by the United States and other allies does not commensurate with the sacrifices, commitment and contribution made by Pakistan in the war against terror.

Talking to the Chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry and his congressional delegation, the Prime Minister regretted that even the pledges made by the allies at the Donors Conference in Tokyo last year were yet to be fulfilled.

This has resulted in serious implications for the country’s economy, Gilani said.

Prime Minister Gilani urged the United States to take the lead in fast tracking the reimbursement of the long-delayed Coalition Support Fund and expedite the release of assistance already appropriated under the Kerry-Lugar Bill.

On the issue of the United State’s image amongst Pakistani people, the Prime Minister counselled that the US should remove irritants like special screening measures against Pakistani nationals at its airports, repatriate Aafia Siddiqui on humanitarian grounds and ensure America’s undertaking of projects in Pakistan’s energy, education, health and infrastructure sectors as proof of its sincerity in a long-term strategic partnership with the country.

Senator John Kerry said the United States has great understanding of the difficulties Pakistan has been facing and appreciates the human and economic sacrifices made by the country in the process. — DawnNews


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