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AT&T Activated Half a Million iPad 3Gs In Two Months

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 07:03 PM PDT

AT&T this week revealed that between 400,000 and 500,000 iPad 3G devices have been activated in the first two months of the hardware’s availability. “One thing that’s been encouraging and a bit surprising so far is the level of interest from business customers,” said AT&T Chief Financial Officer Rick Lander. “…Right […] Related posts:

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  2. ON&E BLOG Report: Apple Shipping 1.2 Million iPads Monthly
  3. AT&T launching two webOS devices between next six months
  4. Apple to Release iPad in Nine More Countries This Friday
  5. Report: Apple Plans To Charge for iPad iOS 4 Upgrade

Download Apple New iPhone 4 Case Application

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 07:00 PM PDT

Here’s an interesting little blip of information. Apple has apparently released a new iPhone 4 case application in the App Store, and it does nothing but let you select which free case you want for your iPhone 4 (with reference to the recent iPhone 4 signal issues we’ve been hearing so […] Related posts:

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  2. Apple Refunds iPhone 4 Bumpers Cases
  3. Apple will Distribute Free Bumper Cases To iPhone 4 Users
  4. Apple Releases “Find My iPhone” Application to Track Lost iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  5. Apple Cant Deal With The iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Apple:White iPhone 4 Delayed Again, Shipping Later This Year

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:54 PM PDT

If you were one of the many individuals hanging on for a white iPhone 4, you may want to reconsider your plans. That’s because Apple has released a statement today noting that the devices “have continued to be more challenging to manufacture” than originally expected. As is typical with California-based Apple, […] Related posts:

  1. Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Ordering Begins Today! Only Black iPhone 4 Available For Pre-Order!
  2. Apple iOS 4.0.1 / iOS 4.1 Delayed To Counter Jailbreaking
  3. Apple Launching iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Apps On Tuesday
  4. Apple Gets More Than 600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered on First Day
  5. Apple Cant Deal With The iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Windows 7-Powered HP Slate Coming This Fall

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:50 PM PDT

While speaking today at the FORTUNE Brainstorm Tech 2010 conference in Aspen, Colorado, HP Executive Vice President of Personal Systems Group Todd Bradley revealed that the Windows 7-powered HP Slate 500 will be “more customer-specific than broadly deployed.” Additionally, he stated that the tablet is going to be released in the […] Related posts:

  1. Samsung New Android-powered Galaxy Tab slate
  2. Rumor: Apple ISlate and Magic Mouse Now Magic Slate?
  3. Microsoft Announced Multiple Windows 7 Slates for 2010
  4. Motorola Charm Android-powered Smartphone Now Official Coming to T-Mobile
  5. Palm webOS 1.4.5 Coming Soon

Google Release New Stable Version of Google Chrome Every Six Weeks

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:46 PM PDT

Google announced today in a post on The Chromium Blog its intentions to accelerate the rate at which new stable versions of Google Chrome are released. The company states that they expect to release a new version every six weeks from now on. That’s twice as fast as new version are currently […] Related posts:

  1. Google Chrome Stable for Mac and Linux No Longer in Beta
  2. Portable Google Chrome 3 for Mac OS & Windows
  3. Download New Build of Google Chrome OS | Google Chrome
  4. Download Google Chrome 4.1 with Chrome 5 Features
  5. Google Chrome:How To Connect To Google Applications Via Chrome

Reports: Microsoft Q4 2010 Earnings Record Breaking

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:38 PM PDT

Microsoft announced once again record-breaking earnings today from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended on June 30 of this year. The company made a whopping $16.04 billion in revenue during the three-month period. That’s a 22% increase from the $13.1 billion made in revenue during the same period last […] Related posts:

  1. Apple Announces Record Profit $3.25 Billion in Q3 2010 Earnings
  2. Microsoft Office News: Microsoft Released Office 2010 Beta
  3. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta 2 Released
  4. Microsoft Office 2010 Available Around The World
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Losing Market Share Very Fast

Apple Refunds iPhone 4 Bumpers Cases

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:33 PM PDT

A few days ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs indicated at a last minute conference to address the iPhone 4 antenna issues that the company would distribute free bumpers to each and every iPhone 4 owners. Additionally, Jobs stated that those who bought a bumper or case would be refunded the $29 they paid. Well, […] Related posts:

  1. Apple will Distribute Free Bumper Cases To iPhone 4 Users
  2. Apple Free iPhone 4 Cases Will Cost $175 Million
  3. iPhone 4 “Bumper” Case – Personalize Your iPhone 4 With “Bumpers”
  4. Apple Cant Deal With The iPhone 4 Antenna Issues
  5. Apple finally admitted iPhone 4 issues interpreting the reception signal – Customers to Return Their iPhone 4

Microsoft Confirmed Windows Phone 7 Hardware Partners

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:20 PM PDT

During a recent interview with Pocket-lint, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan confirmed that ASUS, Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung are indeed Windows Phone 7 hardware launch partners. This corroborates previous rumors and leaks suggesting some of the aforementioned companies would be hardware partners. As a matter of fact, we’ve […] Related posts:

  1. Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Details And Dev Partners
  2. Google Discloses Chrome OS Hardware Partners
  3. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series With Xbox Live and Zune Integration
  4. Microsoft Launched Windows Phone 7 in October 2010
  5. Download Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Public Beta

Security Vulnerability Discovered in Safari Apple Browser

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:13 PM PDT

A new security vulnerability has been discovered in Safari, the default Apple browser. The security flaw is attributed to the AutoFill feature in the browser, and it allows malicious websites to collect personal information from a user’s Address Book such as first name, last name, work place, city, state, and email […] Related posts:

  1. Googles Chrome Browser Surpass Apples Safari Browser in United States Market Share
  2. Download Apple Safari 5 for Mac & Windows (Safari Extensions and Safari Developer Program)
  3. Highly Critical Security Vulnerability Found in Firefox 3.5
  4. Elance Hit By Security Breach
  5. War Between Browsers:Google Chrome Overtakes Apple’s Safari

Google Updated Google Voice for BlackBerry to Version

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 06:09 PM PDT

The official Google Voice application for BlackBerry has been updated to version The last time that the application was updated was back in March, when version 0.1.7 was released. In true Google fashion, no changelog has been provided. We can only assume that this is a maintenance update with a few […] Related posts:

  1. Google Updated Google Mobile App for BlackBerry to Version 3.7.15
  2. BlackBerry App World Updated Version
  3. Download Google Maps for Blackberry Updated to Version 4.0.2
  4. WordPress for BlackBerry Officially Updated to Version 1.3
  5. Google Voice Apps For Android And Blackberry

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