50+ Single Page Websites (One Page Websites) For Design Inspiration

A Single page websites designs also know as (One page websites) more info ever need than a multiple pages websites. In this post you will find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational single page websites designs which is following the same trend of single page designs. The main purpose here is to stimulate your creativity and to inspire your imagination to create your own design trend because your website represents you and your brand.

It is almost like the single page frees the designer to create something more unique then a traditional multi pages website. Perhaps it is because you only have to make it work on one page.

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50+ Single Page Websites (One Page Websites) For Design Inspiration

We collecting rich on creative and fresh Single Page Websites Designs concepts. We’ve seen a lot of white-space, many examples of readable and usable text-design, badges, stars, rounded corners, shapes, gradients, mirror and 3D-effects – just name it.


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