Unfazed doctors return to Jinnah hospital

KARACHI: Worn out paramedics and doctors reported back to duty at the emergency department of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) on Saturday in Karachi, which was the scene of a deadly bomb attack a day earlier.

“We had to shut down operations at our unit for 15 hours straight since last evening. Despite a terrifying and exhausting yesterday, almost all of our staff has come back on duty and we began functioning at around noon today,” says Dr. Seemin Jamali, the Incharge Accident and Emergency Department, JPMC.

Although the debris has been cleared from the unit, broken windows and damaged stretchers are still visible at the hospital. Full-fledged repair work was yet to start.

Dr Jamali informed that the prime minister had announced rupees four crore grant for the hospital, which will be used to mend the damage. “At the moment, what we immediately need is security. Apart from round the clock guards, we need walk-through scanners and CCTVs,” she says.

Outside the unit, a large number of policemen were posted who had sealed off the exact spot where the explosion took place with a tape. A TV set laced with 25kg of explosives was discovered by a bomb disposal unit there on Friday A police official informed that investigators were trying to determine how that bomb didn’t go off even though it was placed close to the area where the explosion took place.

“The TV set was placed on the benches there,” the officer said pointing to benches outside near the Edhi booth, “while the blast happened near the ladies toilet on the opposite side, which is at a distance of just 50 meters. Perhaps the detonator failed. In any case it’s clear that the terrorists wanted the major blast to happen in the hospital premises where they knew a large number of people would gather.”

Police are still investigating who was behind the deadly blasts.

The list

The JPMC released on Saturday a list of 30 dead and 57 injured people who were brought to the hospital in the aftermath of the two explosions on Friday. The youngest person to die was seven-year-old Anwar, son of Ghulam Abbas, hailing from Saudabad. Ali Suleman (10), Mohammad Qasim (12) and Baby Nirmal (12) were three other children who died. The majority of the dead hailed from Saudabad (12) and Saddar (12) areas. There were four women among the dead.

The names of the persons who died excluding the one’s mentioned above are: Zaheen (aged 20), Hussain (20), Hasan (20), Ali (25), Ahmed (20), Anjum Abbas (30), Tauqeer (50), Babar (18), Zaheer (22), Shahid (30), Mohd Shahid (46), Hasan (40), Zain (17), Ahmed (30), Ali Raza (22), Anwar (50), Zameer (25), Syed Asif (30), Manzoor Masih (40), Khurram (24), Kashif (22), Waqas (40), Moona Bhahi (25), Croza (14), Rozi Begum (35) and Parveen (25).


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