BNP-Mengal demand removal of Afghan refugees

QUETTA: Balochistan National Party Mengal staged a protest demonstration in Quetta, demanding the removal of Afghan refugees from Balochistan.

The protest was scheduled to be held in front of Balochistan Assembly, but the law enforcement agencies stopped the protesters in front of the Balochistan High Court a few yards away from the assembly.

Leading the protestors, BNP Secretary-General Habib Jalib Baloch condemned what he called the attack of Afghan refugees on Baloch people on the eastern bypass in Quetta on Thursday and demanded strict action against the accused.

He demanded of the federal government and United Nations to ensure early evacuation of refugees from Balochistan saying that they were causing law and order problems.

One thought on “BNP-Mengal demand removal of Afghan refugees

  1. I think their demand is very right.These refugees should be kept in regugee camps based somewhere within Afghan boarder. Pakistan and pakistani can help them out even staying across the board. Unfortunately people from these camps are now trying to settle down in pakistani areas by obtaining their Passports and ID cards by offering either money to authorities or by fake documents and its getting very difficult to distinguish between them and pakistani Pakhtoons.As these people are not very well off they carry out all sorts of activities including summggling of weapons to the other areas of the country which is then used for criminal purposes.
    Now Afghan government is confident that they can look after their country as they even want foreign troops to be expeled from their county, its the right time that these refugees should go back to their home land.

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