“Fazlullah will not surrender until Sharia implemented”

SWAT: The mother of militant leader Fazlullah said on Saturday that her son will not surrender until Sharia is implemented. Fazlullah’s mother and teacher were presented before the media in Swat.

His teacher, Waliullah Kabal-Girami stated that he had taught his former student that any kind of violence is against the teachings of Islam and had urged him to remain on the righteous path.

Fazlullah’s mother said that the Army was looking after her well and that she had no complaints. She also said that she had exhorted her son to not pursue the murderous path. However, he had refused to budge.

His teacher said that on numerous occasions he had taught his pupil that Islam prohibits suicide bombing and that it offers no mercy from the senseless blood shedding that is being wrought in the country’s north.


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